Special passports for those immunized against Corona ... Germany looks to the new borders

A spokesman for the German Health Ministry said today, Monday, that Berlin is studying options for adopting "vaccination passports" to identify people immunized against "Covid 19", amid calls to reopen the internal borders of the European Union.

"We are not currently discussing vaccination passports at the European Union level. We are studying the main issues and assessing them and then we will comment on that," Hanno Kautz told reporters.

The European Commission said last month that documentation and mutual recognition of vaccination had become "of paramount importance", as the EU's approach would facilitate cross-border applications of such certificates between member states.

On the other hand, Martina Weitz, a deputy government spokeswoman, told reporters, on Monday, that:

Germany is witnessing a decrease in new cases of Covid, as a result of the prolonged lockdown.

"This is good news, the number of new patients is decreasing. Last week, the Robert Koch Institute reported the lowest rate in three months, and the number of patients who need treatment in intensive care is also declining. We see that concerted measures and joint efforts to reduce Mixing has the desired effect. "

Germany has extended the nationwide lockdown, which was imposed on November 2, until February 14, and has pledged to accelerate the launch of the vaccine.

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